Your Bard: Eric on Max Roberts’ The Pitmen Painters

EricEric is 23 years old. He is studying a Phd in Medieval Literature at University College London, University of London. He loves old language, cultural history, and hates anyone who doesn’t like Beowulf. 


Describe the play in three words.

Humorous. Poignant. Emotive.


What was the best thing about the play? 

The actors, it was a surprise that the cast had not changed since the play premiered. Each actor brings the characters to life vividly from their accents, facial expressions, and even haircuts, it was as though they were tailor made for the parts. The actor playing Jimmy in particular was superb.


Who do you think the play would appeal to?

Quite a diverse audience, the play is fairly universal. The characters themselves hail from niches in society, and are very easy to relate to no matter who you may be. I would have to say though that those interested in learning about how and why people appreciate art would find it the most entertaining though.


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