Your Bard: Susie on Anthony Neilson’s The Drunks


Susie is 19 years old. She is currently doing amateur theatre and is hoping to apply to Drama school. She loves reading Shakespeare and acting Shakespeare, but hates his hair and thinks that her hair is much better.

Describe The Drunks in three words.

In your face.

The Drunks or The Grain Store, which do you prefer?

I’ve seen The Drunks twice and The Grain Store once. Having read the scripts I can see that the Royal Shakespeare Company really transformed them, and with The Drunks it was the intense style that grabbed me. The Drunks is more relevant to a desire for change in a modern day society, there seemed to be parallels, perhaps unintentional, with the treatment of soldiers returning from Iraq and the use of heroic deaths for political means.

What attracts you to the Royal Shakespeare Company’s productions?

Their productions breathe in a way like no other. They grow individually from the text to produce something engaging, relevant, and always different. As an audience member I constantly feel involved, almost as if I helped create what I’m seeing.


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