Your Bard: Kevin on Elyse Dodgon’s Playreadings


Kevin is 18 years old. He is studying English Language and Literature at Cambridge University. He loves art house films, classical music, and Dizzie Rascal, and hates post modernism.

What attracted you to the play readings?

All of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s stuff is done to an incredible standard, so being a fan of Russian literature and the fact that it was different to the usual full on stage production intrigued me.

What was the highlight of the play readings?

Seeing so many views and ideas coming from the same society was the highpoint for me. All of the performances were different from the usual Stratford-Upon Avon theatre event, and this difference came from a single source: having young, foreign playwrights. It was inspiring to think that some of them weren’t that much older than me and had developed a very different type of theatre from what I’m used to.

Who would the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Revolutions season appeal to?

I’d say the Russian season will appeal to regular Royal Shakespeare Company visitors who are looking for something different, or anyone interested in Russian society, culture, and history. However, I’d also recommend it to people new to the whole thing. The plays presented are fresh, original, and serve as an accessible entry to the world of theatre.


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